About Me



I am a pianist, composer, actor, performance artist and writer who lives in Corvallis, Oregon. In addition to having published numerous musical compositions that have been performed around the word, including at Carnegie Hall. I have also written two musicals. My writings have been published in Western Folklore, Oregon Humanities, 50wordstories Online, The Gold Man Review, Best Travel Stories: Volume 11, Crooked/Shift, and elsewhere.

I am currently working on three books.  The first is my memoirs, titled Sounds and Silence: The True (mostly) Adventures of a Curious Musician, which I just finished and am shopping around for a publisher.

The second book is titled Fatso:  Dialogues With Myself and it deals with all the issues of weight, dieting, self-image, self-loathing, etc. but told from the perspective of a man.

I am also working on a third book, based on scrolls buried just outside Corvallis, titled The Genesis Chronicles: The Emergence of Life on Planet Earth, by Intersteller Anthropologist Baaxeedexatlik IV, FSM.

flying spaghetti monster

Baaxeedexatlik on the Right

In September 2014, I performed my one-man show The Penile Colonies: Living With XY Disorder, Troping along The Vagina Monologues. The Penile Colonies Part Duh: Celebrating Living With XY Disorder will be performed in the fall of 2015, unless it’s not performed then but later; maybe in 2016.

I am available for workshops, performances, story-telling, and composition for various types of media and genres.

Here is a link to a trailer of an award-winning documentary for which I wrote the soundtrack.  The title of the film is Freedom on the Fences.